Advantages of Sterilizing your Car with a UV Sanitizer over Chemical Disinfectants

ultraviolet light sterilizer wand for cars that is free of chemicals

When it comes to your vehicle, UV decontamination has a number of advantages over the use of chemical disinfectants. These include the following;

(i) Efficiency

An automobile UV light sanitizer is very efficient in killing viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms compared to chemical disinfectants. In the best UV sterilizer for car, nothing is added to like water making it safe because there are no harmful by-products. By sterilization all spores of various organisms present on the surfaces are destroyed which inhibits replication unlike it will be when using disinfectants. Disinfestation only eliminates and reduces harmful microorganisms from objects and surfaces, but not including their spores.

a chemical based disinfectant for car

(ii) Non-toxic

There are no known toxic by-products in the best car UV sanitizer because only the harmful micro-organisms need to be exposed to the UV light. Some chemicals used in toxic disinfectants can penetrate human skin and cause damage or injury if not careful as well as corroding certain surfaces. Portable UV sterilization is not a wet solution like chemical disinfectant that leaves behind residue; it is a more efficient solution for the car. It also eliminates human errors and accidents that arise with manual cleaning and decontamination. Hence, maintain consistency of sterilization by the use of portable UV disinfection lamp or wand.

(iii) Cost-effective

Sterilization is cost -effective because does not require any chemical, safe for operators and no storage of the same is required. Disinfectants must be stored in containers which might spill on the surfaces. The retention time is shorter for Ultraviolet light sanitation for your car or any other enclosure is in the range of a few seconds compared to 1 minute for chemical decontaminators. There are safety guidelines and issues involved in disinfection which must be followed. The safety risks for operating UV sterilizer is minimal given that UV light is shielded from operators by channel grafting as well as lock-outs in the power cabinets. There is a manual from the supplier which guides the operator on different procedures for maintenance and usage. As long as you know how to get a good portable UV sterilizer for your car, then UV light sterilization has the least environmental impact such as acidification, human health effects, and eco-toxicity and ozone depletion in comparison to chemical disinfectants due to burning of fossil fuel.

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